Softlogic Finance offers you the ability to buy and own your dream vehicle within a day.

Features & Benefits

  • Personalized service 
  • Flexible repayment schemes built around your cash flow and convenience
  • Leasing for new, unregistered and registered vehicles 
  • Easy access through our 30 locations island wide
  • Tenure will be 7 years & 5 years respectively for brand new/unregistered and registered vehicles



  • You must be a fixed income generator and be able to disperse at least up to 40% of their income for loan repayment 
  • Ownership over the asset as a security 
  • Central Bank of Sri Lanka loan to value directions apply
  • Documentation chargers, Legal and Government tax chargers apply

How to apply?

Visit nearest Softlogic Finance and Speak to one of our staff who will guide you.
Please Call Mr. Chandimal Perera (Head of Leasing) - 0713338403

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