Gold Loans

Obtain a quick and easy loan over the counter for your urgent cash requirements. We offer highest value for your gold at convenient rates with a range of repayment options to select from. Your valued jewellery will be verified by our experienced staff with utmost care. Being part of a dynamic and progressive conglomerate ensures our stability which makes Softlogic Finance your preferred choice and trusted partner.

Features and benefits

  • Redeem the gold articles within one, three, six or Twelve months
  • You or a third party can pay and redeem via any of our 30 locations
  • You can easily redeem the item without prior notice
  • Flat interest rate
  • All gold articles are insured at market value
  • You can pay interest and renew the contract if you wish
  • SMS notifications prior to the repayment value



The gold item must belong to you.


24Kt – Rs.143,000/=
22Kt – Rs.133,000/=

Interest rate monthly – 2.08%

How to apply?

Visit nearest Softlogic Finance and Speak to one of our staff who will guide you.
Please Call Mr. Sudath Kiwlegedara - 0706240262

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